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Social engineering

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Social engineering involves the manipulation or deception of individuals when trying to gain unauthorised access to the office premises or computer systems. In social engineering situations attackers need to achieve access to avoid the various preventative security measures such as intruder detection systems, intruder prevention systems and firewalls.

A determined attacker will go to any extent to obtain unauthorised access to confidential information. A social engineering assessment will see how susceptible employees within your organisation are to various social engineering methods such as phishing attacks, Trojan viruses, over the phone manipulation or physical access to the premises. An individual with direct and undetected access to this information could result in extremely costly consequences for the business.

When performing a social engineering assessment, Dionach will attempt to deceptively achieve privileges and gain access to systems or physical areas of the business which are agreed prior to testing. Through the exposure of weakness in security, Dionach can report on the vulnerabilities in a fully comprehensive report delivered face to face to enable discussion and full understanding of the risks identified.

Our consultants can be made available for further meetings and discussions with those who are tasked with fixing any issues. Dionach can provide training and follow up social engineering testing to ensure that your organisation is as resistant to social engineering attacks as it can be.