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Red Team Security Assessment

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Dionach’s Red Team service is designed to offer organisations the highest level of assurance that their most critical assets are secure.

Unlike a traditional penetration test, our Red Team engagements are tailored to rigorously test your security posture across multiple domains. Our team of specialists will simulate how a real-world threat actor would target your company, deploying a range of electronic, social and physical strategies to circumvent your existing security controls.

Whatever asset you are looking to protect, our dedicated and experienced team of experts can assist you in identifying and rectifying the weaknesses in your current security practices.

Benefits of a Red Team Assessment:

  • Designed to emulate real world attacks through advanced adversary modelling
  • Thoroughly tests your security posture across multiple domains
  • Identifies weaknesses in your existing security technologies, controls, policies and practices
  • Detailed client report provides comprehensive remediation strategies
  • Good performance in engagements provides assurance that company assets are secure

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