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Dionach assurance services are designed to be delivered to a broad range of clients in all sectors. By the nature of approach, clear objectives are predetermined and an understanding of the clients approach to risk is factored in to each assignment. Our goal is to ensure that critical information is managed in accordance with best practice, and any applicable regulatory requirements are considered and achieved. Dionach aim is to deliver testing and consultancy services that exceed most organisations expectations.

Our assurance services consist of the technical penetration testing of web applications, internal and external infrastructures, wireless networks, mobile applications and the non-technical testing of people through the use of social engineering techniques such as phishing.

Additionally, Dionach will work together with organisations to provide on-going training in areas such as secure development and social engineering awareness.

Penetration Testing

Regular network or application penetration testing provides assurance that your systems are resilient to cyber-attacks. Dionach have highly skilled CREST and CHECK qualified penetration testers.

Social Engineering

Check resilience of staff and technical controls to social engineering attacks, which include phishing, telephone social engineering and physical intrusion testing.

Information Security Auditing

A technical security audit of your network or applications will provide assurance that the architecture, configuration and development have been carried out in line with best practice and in line with standards such as ISO 27001.

Trusted Advisory Service

Dionach's trusted advisory service offers independent specialist security advice for policy, infrastructure or systems.

Information Security Training

Dionach offer a variety of information security training including Secure Web Application Design, ISO 27001 implementation and Firewall Configuration.